Rodgers: In or out? We ask some Liverpool fans.

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Brendan Rodgers

When I was asked to write some kind of piece on the current situation on Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers, my first thought was “ahh balls…so close”. I nearly made it. I nearly got through the aftermath of a loss in the biggest game in world football without having to come down on one side of the fence or another. I’ve avoided getting dragged into debate on Facebook despite being tagged in “hilarious” videos and Rodgers memes in the wake of a shitty afternoon for the club. Writing anything publicly on the current Anfield situation is difficult, because my opinion can change day to day depending on how much shite I read on the internet on any given day.

I’m known to be a stupidly loyal Liverpool fan. Twenty-five years of mind-numbing disappointment (the odd trophy and the holy sacred miracle of Istanbul aside) has done little to dampen my spirit and I will always support the team. There are periods where I am more enthusiastic, however, this being one of the more trying times.

So getting down to brass tax…Rodgers in or out? Personally, I think stick with him for another while. We’ve made our bed and we have to lie in it for another while before we figure out if it’s infested with bed bugs. The owners backed him during the summer after a lacklustre season and dropping straight back out of the Champions League places. Instead of replacing the man at the top, they replaced his staff…perhaps an indication in itself that all is not right.

The fact is at the start of the season when the fixture list came out, we all knew that Liverpool would face a tricky start. People automatically said “Rodgers could struggle to last to Christmas with that run of games.” Truth is, the West Ham result aside, things have gone pretty much expected for Liverpool. They beat Stoke and Bournemouth and were arguably the better team against Arsenal away winning a point. The less said about the West Ham game the better and although I had hoped to be able to bring something back from Old Trafford, it was always going to be a tall order without the likes of Coutinho, Henderson and Lallana.

The only thing I can say, is that I don’t necessarily believe that the players Rodgers has brought in are average. I think there is some great talent there and they are just lacking that something to click.

What is it? I don’t know and Brendan is running out of time to find out.

Perhaps the biggest threat Rodgers faces in keeping his job is the availability of Jurgen Klopp. A well-respected manager, the German seems to just be waiting for the right job. He says he doesn’t want to take over one of the top teams in a league, but wants a project that he can build to greatness. Surely a “come get me” to Liverpool if ever we’ve seen one!? Is he the right man though? He built a great Dortmund team and enjoyed great success, but as his big players left, things pretty much fell to shit. Not dissimilar to Brendan then. Perhaps the major difference is that Klopp kept his players together long enough to enjoy some success and establish him as a big name manager. Who is to say that if Rodgers had managed to keep Suarez and Sterling and keep Sturridge fit, Liverpool wouldn’t have won the league? If me aunty had bollocks she’d be me uncle though!

I think Brendan has had a massive task in replacing his best players. It’s been a struggle…but then Suarez is now pretty much recognised as the third best player in the world, so anyone would struggle with that. This combined with a couple of signings that haven’t worked out have lowered his stock considerably. The fans are turning.

I would urge calm and patience. Give it a little more time. I think we owe Rodgers enough time to see where we are when Sturridge comes back in. Benteke and Sturridge up front with Coutinho playing in behind them…that could be devastating! Sure, you could say we have some defensive issues too. I think everyone is a bit miffed by the persistence with Lovren, but Gomez has proved to be a hidden gem and Clyne has looked great at times.

Should things go tits up, Klopp may well be a good fit for Liverpool. He seems like a down to earth sort of fella and I think he could well find a lot of common ground with Scousers. For the time being though, let’s give Brendan a fair shot and see how things look after Studge comes back. A loss against United is always tough to take, but let’s not do anything rash just yet. A lot of people were happy to see the back of Rafa only to change their minds two years down the line and find themselves crying and pulling themselves to the tactical genius of our demolition of Real Madrid under his watch. How many Liverpool fans openly stated that Brendan wasn’t the right man when he won Manager of the Year? If we’re going to part company, let’s do it the right way and have no regrets and what ifs.

Now that that’s done I’ll just retreat to the memories of the amazing stuff Liverpool played in that nearly season under Rodgers and wait for the inevitable abuse from the #RodgersOut gang. Come on Brendan…don’t make a dick out of me.

by Padraig Byrne

Padraig Byrne

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We ask some more Liverpool fans the same question:

stephen carley

When he wasn’t sacked at the end of the last season, I said he will be gone by Christmas I stand by that so it’s Rodgers out for meStephen Carley

colm kav

“Rodgers Out. I look at Liverpool playing now and they’re not as exciting to watch as the team that Suarez played in and it makes me think we only played that way because of him and the team he was in and that was mostly a team inherited by Rodgers. I don’t think he gets the best out of his players and I think he maybe  screwed Gerard too”Colm Kavanagh

chris k 2

“I was always very pro Rodgers, just said no point in changing manager and starting from scratch every time something goes wrong, but due to his arrogance his stupid comments and the 300m spent, he’s just a mid table manager, I think it’s time for him to go. I don’t know who we get instead but Rodgers has been living off nearly winning the league for too long”Chris Kehoe

big jim

“Rodgers should send Suarez birthday and Xmas gifts for the rest of his life. Suarez gave Brendan another few years in a job . He can’t manage shit . Never seems to play the right tactics in any game . He can just be gone now.”Jim Walsh

ian b

“I still think we cant do too much else . It’s like Mourinho, he’s surely under a lot more pressure than Rodgers I think. Even though Rodgers hasn’t been stellar, we’re still in a recoverable position. If we lose him we lose any momentum. I’m never a firm believer of a mid-season manager change anyway.”Ian Bright

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