Fantasy Football just got interesting…

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Everybody plays Premier League Fantasy Football. It’s simple and fun – pick your team, select your captain, tweak your selection depending on fixtures and rack up those points. Over the course of a season you try to amass enough points to beat your friends and top those workplace leagues and tournaments.

If you’re like me, your enthusiasm begins to wane a little after a few months of fantasy competition – there just isn’t enough there to hook me in. I mean, waiting 9 months or so to see if you are successful in an online game is quite the commitment.

Luckily for me, there is a new kind of Fantasy Football emerging and it sounds much more rewarding.

FanTeam plays the same as your regular Premier League Fantasy Football games, but the difference is, you can make money from all those lovely player points each week – instantly.

Playing daily fantasy is similar to playing online poker. There is a lobby showing you all the tournaments and the user can then filter them based on things like tournament buy-in and which national league (there are 12 of these – including all major European leagues) they want to play in.

There are also guaranteed prize pools and freerolls, and you can also challenge users to heads-up game – just like in poker. Doesn’t that sound infinitely better than regular fantasy football already?

The interface on FanTeam is ridiculously easy to use and the scoring system is very similar to the popular Essentially you are playing the same game, but for REAL money. I’ll have some of that please.

And while you directly compete with millions of other users on, FanTeam allows you to play in smaller groups, thus increasing your chances to win.

For example there is a tournament running for the weekend’s Premier League fixtures on FanTeam right now that has a buy-in of €11 and a prize pool of €1,000. And guess what…..there are only 10 competing teams in it right now. What are you waiting for? If you think you have the fantasy football winning knack, then you could grab yourself some serious cash.

tournament example
Look at all those lovely prize pools

Look out for special tournaments for Back-Post readers over the coming months, but in the meantime, head on over to FanTeam, sign up and win big.

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