How well do you know your team?

in Straight Red


The good folks over at Ladbrokes have devised a quiz to determine which fans know the most about their beloved club. It’s a straight forward multiple choice, ten question challenge with nice shiny graphics and big clickable buttons for easy use by morons like me.

Yours truly (a United fan) smashed the quiz, scoring an imperious 9 out of 10 and upon seeing that United fans collectively scored an average of just 5 out of 10  – I thought I would single-handedly try to bring that average up by applying my wonderful knowledge and repeatedly playing the quiz.

On my second attempt, I managed just 3 correct answers, a measly total I’ll agree *tears up Mastermind application*. Make no mistake, this is a tough quiz. I had a bash at the Liverpool and Southampton ones too, scoring 4 out of 10 in each; so I apologize to both sets of supporters for bringing down their averages. I promise, I gave it my all (ish).

Ladbrokes were kind enough to send me over some statistics concerning the quiz, some of which I will divulge now. Let’s see which fans know what!

Unsurprisingly Man Utd fans make up the highest number of quiz participants with 7008, followed by Liverpool fans with 5559. Just 303 West Brom fans have taken the quiz, the lowest amount just below Norwich fans who have had 334 attempts.

(Incidentally for more fan/supporter related football stuff, take a look at the survey we found from a decade ago. It makes for some interesting reading. Click here to read it.)

Which fans scored the highest?

16% of Hull City supporters got 10 out of 10 answers correct, putting them just ahead of Crystal Palace and Cardiff City fans who are tied in second place with 12% of them nailing perfect scores.

Which fans scored the lowest?

Just 3% of Manchester United fans got a perfect score, doing nothing to dispel the “glory hunter” supporter tag. We really can’t get anything right this season, can we? Let’s try to remember that United fans were the highest participants by a distance though, so that affects the figures (I know…I know. Let me console myself with that lame excuse, I’m not hurting anyone).

A paltry 4% Spurs, Norwich and Stoke fans managed to get all their questions right – which baffles me a little…I mean their quizzes should be easy surely? Nothing notable has ever happened in their club’s histories – oh yes, I went there.


The weirdest statistic I could pick out was that a massive 21% of Stoke fans got 3 out of 10 questions correct. That’s about 1 in 5 of them for those of you who are mathematically challenged (this isn’t for you Will Hunting).

That means a good chunk of Stoke fans have remarkably similar thought patterns and football trivia retention skills. Maybe they are all “as one” and can connect their collective consciousness to each other and to the Britannia Stadium – kind of like those big blue Native Inidan alien things in Avatar. Who knows?

Stoke City fans also have the highest percentage of fans who scored 0 out of 10…that’s ZERO…nothing…duck egg (3%). I’m not picking on Stoke fans here, I hope you realize, I’m just reporting these important findings.  2% of Fulham, Man City, Norwich and Swansea fans scored big fat lonely zeroes out of ten too, which is nothing to be proud of – extra homework for all of you.